The unkown battle of Princess Diana!

Princess Diana has been battling bulimia for many years and suffered a significant physical forfeiture when she learned about the insults of her husband and successor of the throne of England. These are what they say friends of the unfortunate princess, such as the ballet teacher who did her classes, Alan Allen and doctor James Coll.

Speaking in the new documentary about her life, she argues that Diana’s world turned upside down when she realized her husband was unfaithful and bore her with Camila Parker Bowles, which put her in a vicious circle for many years.

“It could be seen that she was physically sapped,” says Collstrost, adding: “It was clear to all of us that we knew that bulimia was a reaction to the conditions in which she was found.”

In the recordings presented in the documentary, it is revealed that Diana was so overwhelmed by the infidelity that she went up to Queen Elizabeth to seek advice, leaving the monarch speechless.