The unknown interview of Steve Jobs together with Mark Zuckerberg

While  Facebook is now receiving waves of outrage and its stock price plummeting, some people’s mind remembered Steve Jobs’s great visionary technology and his prophetic announcements about breaking our online data.

While Facebook says it knows nothing about how Cambridge Analytica violated its users’ profiles and used them to promote Brexit in the 2016 referendum but also to influence the US presidential election in a scandal involving a few Forcing Mark Zuckerberg to apologize for all this, everyone remembered the late founder of Apple who talked about what will happen to users’ data as early as 2010.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal D8 a year before he left his life, Gobbs expressed his concerns about the protection of electronic activity and the audience was even Zuckerberg.

Gobbis then said how concerned he is about what modern technology can do in terms of violations, so he persistently insisted that Apple in all possible and impossible ways tell its customers the fact that their location will be constantly known, let’s say. And he also insisted that he always ask his service users to give their consent for every small and big step.