Unique ancient treasure in Egypt

Huge discoveries made archaeologists in southern Egypt, when investigating a grave of thePharaonic era as they found a unique ancient treasure: six mummies in wooden sarcophagi in vibrant colors and a thousand funerary statuettes.

The tomb near the town of Luxor, which is a veritable outdoor museum and the Valley of the Kings, belonged apparently to Ouserchat, a prosecutor of the 18th dynasty (1550-1295 BC), who bears the title of “the city judge” as described by the French news agency. But the tomb was reused several centuries later on the 21st Dynasty, to place there and other mummies.

“It was surprisingly that were discovered many findings in the interior (of the grave): utensils of clay bearing the name of the tomb owner, sarcophagi and mummies, and more than a thousand ‘ousempti’ ‘small funerary statuettes placed in tombs, announced Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Annan during a visit to the tomb which was organized for journalists. “It was an important discovery, which is not over,” he added.

“There are almost six mummies, and other findings suggest thatwe might find more in the future,” said Nevin El-‘Aref, spokesman for the ministry.
Note that Egypt recently gave the green light to prepare various archaeological projects in the hope to find new discoveries in this field.