This is the most unhappy dog in the world – No one wants him

Bush is an unhappy dog ​​that no one adopts it. Bush however, is expecting someone to make him a member of his family for 2.5 years in the shelter that hosts him. The dog was found strayed in Flint, Michigan, and lives in the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG).

“He was about 7 months old and very weak when we found him,” said Kelley LaBonty, director of DAWG, at The Dodo. “He stayed with a family for a while, but then his boss moved, and could no longer keep him.”

Every time, those who decided to adopt it changed their mind at the last minute.

The organization says the puppy has deep melancholy and is no longer in the mood for anything. As soon as he sees people, he is happy, hoping that someone will take him out of the shelter, but in the evening he finally returns alone to his cage.