Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer

Researchers in the US have created a dryer that uses high frequency ultrasound instead of heat which dries clothes half the time compared to traditional machines. The new dryer technology also uses 70% less energy, so it is more economical.

It is an invention of scientists from the Tennessee National Laboratory Oak Ridge (ORNL) and General Electric, according to the BBC. The drum of the machine has an internal lining that converts the electrical signals into ultrasonic vibrations, which remove the water from the clothes.

According to the US Department of Energy, which supported the development of new technology, traditional tumblers need an average of 50 minutes while the new machine dries the same amount of laundry in about 20 minutes. Existing drying technology – the evaporation of clothes water with the help of heat – has not changed fundamentally for several decades.

In addition to saving time and money, the new technology leaves much less fluff, as is the case with conventional tumblers, as microscopic cloth fibers are detached from the clothes due to the hot air stream. This heat can also fade clothes over time.