Tyler Honeycutt’s death was a suicide

Shocked is the basketball world after the sad news of the death of Tyler Honeycutt’s death after  opening fire with police forces.

At present, it is not clear how the 27-year-old basketball player lost his life. Indeed, in the last few hours a different version has emerged, as the California police claim that the Chimki player was found dead when they invaded his apartment.

Thus, the possibility of suicide can not be ruled out, with all the scenarios still open.

The ABC TV network is moving on the subject and in a newer report presented the video outside George Barkowak’s former home: “A former NBAer and UCLA player locked in an apartment in Sherman Oaks after he opened fire police found dead at dawn on Saturday. Los Angeles SWAT forces invaded the house and spotted the dead body of the man. No policeman was injured, “reports the US news agency.