Twins who haven’t spoken for over 20 years committed suicide in the same tragic way!

Two twins who hadn’t been talking to each other for twenty years because of a foolish fight committed suicide in the same tragic way, and a few months apart. The tragic story of the two men, published today in an article by the Daily Mail, proves once again how powerful the linking rings are that unite the lives of twin siblings, even when they decide to quit each other.

55-year-old David and Paul Mann have been badly battling a bachelor party two decades ago and all these years alive, they suffered from depression. Paul commited suicide last August, just three months after he learned of David’s suicide  in May. From the time of his brother’s death to his own, he tried to reconcile with the idea that he lost his twin, but he did make it.

According to Daily Mail, at that time he had interrupted contacts with all his surroundings, even with his son. Both 55-year-old men were facing severe family problems at the time of their suicide. David, a father of three children, was found dead at his home in Hampshire on May 14th.

As it became known after his death, some debts that he had since 2005 have worsen the depression problem he suffered and made him “paranoid”. Earlier this year the problem worsened and caused a permanent breach in his marriage.”

Similarly, Paul battled with depression before his death, which began with his dismissal and the subsequent brake up of his marriage. Bad relationships with his son and his brother’s death (despite having spent decades talking) pushed him to the end.

“I apologize, I can not go on,” he wrote in the handwritten testament left before the unfortunate man hung, following his brother in the grave.