Twelve monkeys died at the same time from a heart attack when they heard a tiger roar

Light in the mysterious death of twelve monkeys found dead in an Indian forest was dropped by the autopsy sent by the veterinarians of the area. The inanimate bodies of the twelve monkeys were discovered in forest in the Kotwali Mohammadi area by residents of a nearby village.

The fact that their bodies did not show signs of abuse or bruises from a wild animal made the veterinarians who examined them initially believe that the monkeys were poisoned. However, during the necropsy carried out there was no trace of poison in their blood, but it was found that all 12 animals died of heart attack, which resulted from a strong shock.

“We confirmed at the autopsy that monkeys died from a heart attack. We believe the heart attack may have been caused by the presence of a tiger in the area that the monkeys either heard roar or face in front of them, leading to a heart attack, “Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, head of a veterinary center in the area.

However, this explanation for the simultaneous death of monkeys does not seem to satisfy other wildlife experts who believe that all 12 animals were infected by a virus and that their death requires further investigation.