TV appears through the wall

Technology is progressing very fast and there are many developments. Samsung reveals something brand new that we have never seen before. Besides, it is known that this is an innovative company.

Apart from the various mobile phones it has, it now comes with a new range of TVs for 2018, and there are the new Ultra HD, Premium Ultra HD and Ultra-Large Screen models. In addition to a bunch of new A / V features that create more intense color and better sound, the biggest evolution is that Samsung TVs will interact with your home.

And what does that mean? With “Ambient Mode,” the screen imitates the pattern of the wall on it and almost disappears the entire TV, except the outer frame. The owner simply has to take a picture of the wall and the TV then does the rest, turning herself into a 4K chameleon.

It also displays weather conditions, traffic reports, or news headlines. The new QLED TV offers a unique viewing experience with even better picture quality, smart features and beautiful design. Its price starts at $ 2,599 at