Turkish father brodcast live his suicide because his daughter was engaged without his consent

Shok is causing the 54-year-old Turk Ahaian Uzun who commited suicide live on Facebook because his daughter married without his approval.

“I transmit live what I do with my will. I do not want those who brought me here to come to my funeral, “says the 54-year-old at the beginning of the video.
According to him he learned about his daughter’s engagement from the phone. “Nobody asked me. No one treated me like a man. His parents approved this marriage without having this right, “explains Wozon in the video.

“My wife called me and told me. I told her why you didn’t come to tell me, and she answered, “we can not make a special invitation for you.” Some people may think what I do is to show off. I do not want anyone to have the problem that I have what I have. In the meantime, I will end my life with this weapon I hold, “continues the 54-year-old.

After these words, Ozun shows the gun hanging on his tempel and after saying “Bye, I’m leaving, watch your self” then counts up to three and shoots. During the macabre live transmission friends and relatives of Uzun sent him messages to prevent him without, unfortunately, an effect.

Now the case has been taken over by the police in search of the truth behind this tragic case.