Translator called Theresa May… Madame Brexit

A mistake made by a translator who called Theresa Mey … “Madame Brexit” made Britain’s Prime Minister smile at the press conference she gave with Polish Prime Minister Matthew Morawski today in Warsaw.

“It is very important to us this cooperation, despite the fact that it will soon be based on different rules due to Brexit, because as Madame Brexit said, Brexit means Brexit …” was the translation in English by the Polish Prime Minister’s translator who made statements in Polish.

The  translation error resulted in a broad smile forming on Teresa Mei’s face, while Morawski continued to speak with her, without realizing what had happened and broadcasted live on international television networks.

The head of the British government visited Poland to sign a new treaty on defense and security, as London wants to deepen its bilateral relations with Warsaw in view of Britain’s exit from the European Union in late March 2019.