Toyota builds a huge test facility for its self driving vehicles

The reason the company made this cost-effective project is because it is quite dangerous to test the stand-alone vehicles on public roads to conduct experiments. Remember that some time ago such a vehicle belonging to the Uber company killed a pedestrian and, at the same time, caused a lot of media disturbance on this issue.

Following this accident, Toyota suspended all tests of its stand-alone vehicles on US public roads in California and Michigan. Toyota continued testing on private roads that the rest of the world did not have access to. A spokesman for the Toyota Research Institute said suspension of tests on public roads eventually allowed the car industry to improve and upgrade its fleet of test vehicles with less stress and better methodology.

In particular, the facility will be created at Ottawa Lake, which is being built by the Toyota Research Institute and will be operational in October.

Ryan Eustice, president of Toyota’s automated driving, said: “This new location will give us the flexibility to adapt our driving scenarios to test the limits of our technology and thereby bring us closer to this great venture we have been preparing for a long time. ”

Several automakers (including all well-known brands) are trying to develop such cars, but to be objective the question is whether they will be commercially viable to sell on the market.