The Toy Story ‘Honest Trailer’ That’s Causing Existential Crises

Who will replace us when we have outlived our purpose? Our mind says, definitely someone younger, sleeker, and smarter. But this is one of life’s truths that the new Toy Story Honest Trailer tackles.

We cannot run away from our fears. Even animated movies remind us of realities, although we seem to think that in the world of fiction and animation we’ve found an escape.

We’ve come to love Woody, who in the first Toy Story movie was almost driven deranged by envy – much like Cain.

But, unlike Cain, Woody did learn to adjust to life’s situation and appreciate the “sleeker, smarter” intruder.

We also learned to hate with absolute intensity the sadistic child Sid, and thought he did deserve what came upon him. Imagine a child who’s learned fear and haunted by it – perhaps forever.

And the trailer also presented a side of Sid that was not shown in the film. He was this average child who longs for a parent’s affection.

There are many stories like that in the real world, happening to young people in every part of the globe. In fact, so desperate a number of these young people have become that the suicide rate has risen in Europe among kids aged between 15 – 19, according to the World Health Organization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also says, that after cardiovascular disease and cancer, suicide accounts for more years of life lost than any other cause of mortality.

The analogy that what the Toy Story Trailer has done was exchangeably remind us how heart-stirring the first Toy Story movie was and realizing with terrible desolation that we’ll never feel the unadulterated ecstasy of childhood movies again.