They took a family selfie before they start their journey, but what they saw in the back seat…

Business Selfie

Excited and ready to enjoy their spring break, the Richter family got in their van. They had no idea, however, that they had an unexpected visitor who had decided to follow them on their journey.

The family took some photos before they started. Father, Erik, told them to pose on the camera and smile. While he wanted to take a picture, one of his daughters noticed that he actually was making videos. While laughing at the father’s abilities, the family did not notice that there was someone still in the plan …

Most of us who would see a cheerful figure in the trunk would scream out of the car. Why was he hiding and why he smirked? Notice that the father is not surprised at all.

Everything is fine! He is not a thief. He is their son, Rowan, serving the Marines. He had told his mother that he could not come with them because of obligations, and he had actually planned with his father to surprise the rest of the family. No one knew he was hiding on the back of the van.

It sounds like the father says in a moment, “Wait, Rowan little to the right,” and everyone turned to see what he meant. As soon as they saw him they began to shout and smile! Their reactions is astonishing. A family reunion is always very moving, especially when it comes to surprise as in this story!