From today you can also buy a flying car

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show there were dozens of lobbies. As usual, dazzling Italian supercars and imposing German limousines stole the show, but as has never been the case in the past, a Dutch vehicle was the one that shocked. .

Because this is what PAL-V does: It flies. It’s a car that flies and does not belong to either the blade runner’s dystopian future or the James Bond retrofit set. It is a vehicle that in a few months will normally come out of production. The manufacturer, in fact, already receives orders from prospective buyers on its website.

As you’ve certainly noticed in the video, the PAL-V will not be the most beautiful vehicle out there or up there. Designed as a car, it is rather unpalatable, like all three-wheeled cars, and as an official vehicle it’s also tough – it’s more like a helicopter than a sci-fi flying vehicle.

On the other hand, it is a vehicle that runs normally on the road and throws just as well over it. She will never win cars, but who cares about titles and ribbons when she can take off and throw (literally) anywhere by ignoring traffic, lights, potholes, drivers, tolls, in fact ignoring any limitations?