Tips to avoid norovirus

‘Good hand hygiene includes thorough hand washing with soap and warm water after using the loo and before eating or preparing food,’ he says. 

‘If you have symptoms of norovirus, stay home until 48 hours after symptoms have cleared because you can still be contagious.’

Clean up any vomit immediately because, until you do, virus particles will be circulating around the room, says Dr Belinda Stuart-Moonlight, an environmental health practitioner in Folkestone, Kent. 

Take the waste material outside to a bin or flush down the loo, then wipe all hard surfaces with bleach (don’t use on soft furnishings as they cause damage).

Wash all crockery, glass and cutlery in a dishwasher at high temperature. Wash bedding at 60c.

‘If someone has vomited in a room where food is exposed, throw it all away, as it may be coated with the virus,’ says Dr Stuart-Moonlight.

Even toothbrushes can be affected — wash them with boiling water and store in plastic bags until your house is clear of the virus. For soft furnishings, use a spray such as Oxivir Plus Cleaner