Three astronauts on their way to the International Space Station

The Russian space ship Soyouz-MS-09, with a crew of three astronauts, launched from Kazakhstan’s cosmopolitan Baikonur, was set on an autonomous track and headed to the International Space Station (ISS), the Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos)

Rosicky’s head Dmitry Rogozin said after the launch that “the crew of the spacecraft feels good”. He told reporters he said he had very fruitful talks with NASA US colleagues today, and yesterday had a long conversation with colleagues from the European Space Agency (ESA), adding that “there are joint projects and that “We agreed to act together.”

On the Soyouz-MS-09, Russian astronaut Serene Aunion-Chansellor (42) and German astronaut Alexander Gerst (42) are the Russian cosmonaut Serghe Prokopieff (43-year-old spacecraft commander). Gerst is the only astronaut of the mission that had participated in a space mission in 2014.

The connection of the Soyouz-MS-09 Space Shuttle to the International Space Station (ISS) will take place on June 8 at 12:21 pm Moscow.

This new space mission will last 187 days. During their stay, the three astronauts will carry out a series of applied surveys and experiments, will take space walks to work outside the ISS (scheduled for August 8, 2018), while part of their work will take place in the transport spacecraft, namely the Russian Progress MS and the American Dragon.

There are 16 countries involved in the International Space Station, with $ 100 billion to date, with Russia having the largest contribution to this cost.