This is the most successful high value start-up in the world

For the first time, China has surpassed the US and has become the country with the most “unicorns” in the world, namely the successful startups – mostly tech startups – that have managed to surpass one billion dollars in value. and have not yet been listed.

China has 206 such companies compared to the US 203, while the two countries share 83% of the unicorns worldwide. Next are India with 21, Britain with 13, Germany and Israel with seven companies each.

The first annual report of the Chinese-based Hurun Research Institute Shanghai (Hurun Global Unicorn List 2019), as quoted by AMP, estimates that the most internationally valuable unicorn is Chinese financial company Ant Financial ($ 150 billion), while second and third are Chinese ByteDance and Didi Chuxing respectively. The top ten include well-known US names such as American Airbnb (sixth) and Elon Musk’s eighth Space X.

The most valuable start-ups in the world are e-commerce (68 companies) followed by financial technology (FinTech – 56 companies), cloud computing (44 companies), artificial intelligence (40). ) and the supply chain (Logistics – 34).

The average age of “unicorns” is seven years, while the total value of all known unicorns in the world (494 in 24 countries) was estimated at $ 1.7 trillion (average value of each company $ 3.4 billion). . Beijing is the city with the most “unicorns” in the world (82), followed by San Francisco (55). As a region, Silicon Valley in California still holds the scepter with 102 such companies (21% of the total).

The most successful investment company is Sequoia, which has invested in 92 “unicorns”, followed by Tencent (46) and Softbank (42). 4% of the “unicorns” were hatched by another big company before it was self-sufficient and attracted outside investors. The No. 1 “unicorn” in value, Ant Financial, came from the Chinese giant Alibaba.