This is how it looks a $200000 watch

Hublot presented two fine artworks of high watchmaking, remaining the great alchemist of modern watchmaking.

The reason for the Big Bang MP-11 3D Carbon and Big Bang MP-11 Sapphire, which were released in 200 pieces each to leave the watchmaker enthusiasts speechless.

One has a 3D carbon crystal case and the other sapphire crystal. This is the first time for both Hublot and watchmaking in general using 3D carbon, a polymeric mesh with three-dimensional carbon fiber that makes the case light and particularly resistant to wear and tear.

As for their autonomy, it is in the astronomical number of 2 weeks. Many construction barriers had to be overcome for this “miracle” with so many innovations in its mechanism and construction materials. The MP-11 3D Carbon weighs just 90 grams, while the MP-11 Sapphire enchants with its crystal clear glass. As for both, it consists of 270 components.

But the dreams of watchmaking are expensive and expensive. Their prices range to 90,000 euros for Sapphire and 70,000 euros for 3D Carbon …