Third marriage for Spears! Who is the 23 years old who stole her heart!

Her first marriage was with her childhood friend, Jason Alexander and lasted only for 55 hours. Her second marriage was to dancer Kevin Fenterlain.

The 23-year old Sam Asghari was born in Iran is the man who has stolen the heart of 35-year singer and she is seriously thinking about the possibility of marriage with him on summer, after four months of relationship. Sam works as a model and personal trainer, and has thousands of followers in social media. He has a sister who is also involved in modeling (even debuted on the catwalk at Fashion Week in Los Angeles).

In a recent interview Britney talked about her failed sexual relations: “Unfortunately I’m incurably romantic. I have been in many emotional situations but unfortunately I still believe in love. Must protect your heart, “she said. It seems that the young model mentally revitalized her and she wanted to give a third chance at love.