The Tibetan Iron Buddha: The first space statue made entirely of meteorite

We can categorize them in two categories: those that are lighter, and until they reach the Earth, there are no significant differences within them and those who change due to the high temperatures and pressures as soon as their contact with the earthly atmosphere begins.

This second category, although it is only 16% of the bodies that reach Earth, is of interest here and includes three major groups: the ahddrats, with a density of 3-4 grams per cubic centimeter, consisting of 8% of those arriving on the Earth, the iron-ore, with a composite of stone and iron, with a density of 5-7 grams per cubic centimeter, which is 2% of those who reach the earth’s surface, and the iron-trees that interest us here, with density; , 9 grams per cubic centimeter, as well as the density of c of pure iron. These latter make up 6% of our bodies coming from space.

Earlier, that is, a few thousand years ago, they gave rise to myths not only here in Greece, but even in Northern Europe.

From Hephaestus we come to the legend of Ilmarinen, who forged the gray sky of Finland, proving precisely that the fall of these iron and sky-colored objects is made on all the backs, lengths and time periods.

And these (former) flying objects were also the first experiences of man in relation to iron. There have been found objects in Ancient Egypt made of iron with 7.5% nickel chronologically placed at a time corresponding to 3500 BC. and their composition testifies that they must have been made of ferrets’ material.

We had to reach 1500 BC. and in Asia Minor, where the Hittites had learned to fire and export iron from ferrous rocks but kept it secret. Until the enemy army in the 1200s defeated them, they dispersed them and the knowledge diffused with the scattering of these craftsmen from the Eastern Mediterranean to Western Iran.

Thalis (624-546 BC) around 585 BC about a material from Magnesia, a region in Lydia, in the south of Asia Minor, and the ability to pull iron chips. This material was obviously called a magnet from its place of origin.

The world’s first space statue, made entirely of meteorite and estimated to have fallen to the Siberian-Mongolian border about 10,000-20,000 years ago, discovered German scientists.

The researchers, led by Dr. Elmar Buchner of the University of Stuttgart’s Planetology Institute, who published the journal Science and Meteorites Meteoritics & Planetary Science, according to Nature, think that the so-called “Iron Man” probably portrays Vaisravana.

It was created between the 8th and 10th centuries, rather than the Gandhara primordial Tibetan culture, and came to Germany after a mission carried out in 1938-39 in Tibet by the prominent Nazi zoologist and ethnologist Ernst Schaefer, who was sent to the region by Heinrich Himmler to discover the roots of Arenes.

It has a height of 24 cm and weighs 10.6 kg. What scientists have found is that it is made of a very hard material, which forms part of a rare class of ferrous rock formations called untaxed meteorites and containing a large amount of nickel. The Iron Man, after the geochemical analysis, has shown to be “related” to many space rocks on the Siberian-Mongolian border.

From the Buddha … to the Nazis

The existence of the swastika on the statue was obviously a powerful motive for its “expropriation” by the Nazis. Until the Nazis use this symbol, swastika has been used by many cultures for the past 3000 years and represented life, sun, power, skill and good luck.

In his autobiographical work Mein Kampf o Hitler described the new flag of the Nazis “In red we see the social ideal of a movement, in white the national ideal, and in the swastika we see the mission and task of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan Race , and from the same emblem the triumph of the idea of ​​a creative feat that, as it would have been, will always be anti-Semitic. ”

Because of this incident, that swastika was a Nazi emblem, it soon became negative, it became a symbol of hatred, anti-Semitism, violence, death and murder. It is the first time that an entire statue of space origin is discovered, so, as the German researchers believe, its value is rather incalculable.