The selfie with her stabbed ex-husband shocked the recipients

A woman in Siberia stabbed her ex-husband and then pulled out selfie on the background of bleeding. She then sent the photo to her friends, admitting that photography made her look like a “monster.” The incident took place in Surgut in October after an intense quarrel between the former couple, who was under the influence of drunkenness, as reported by RT.

Oleg and Olga’s fight, their little names have been publicized – it has quickly taken shape, and the man “attempted to choke his former husband,” according to a police announcement published locally.

In her effort to protect her, the 25-year-old took a knife and attacked her ex-husband. He injured him in the abdomen and then decided to pull out a selfie with Oleg, sitting in a bloody backyard behind her. In fact, the photo sent her to her friends.

“Kids, I stabbed my ex-husband,”s he wrote in the message accompanying the selfie, saying, “It seems like I’m a monster.”

The 25-year-old and mother of a two-year-old girl was arrested by the authorities on suspicion of ‘overcoming legitimate self-defense’ but was released.

Her ex-husband underwent surgery and recovered.