The secret of the last three Hitlers was revealed

Three brothers live in New York’s Long Island with a well-hidden secret to haunt them. They have never talked about their identity or origin, trying to simply go unnoticed. A journalist from the German “Bild” recently managed to identify and talk to one of them, learning how to approve Merkel’s policies and dislike Tramp!

Nothing betrays who lives in Brian and Louis’s house on Long Island, resembling another American traditional home with Asteroeza raised. The only difference is perhaps this almost three-meter white wooden fence that encloses the house and does not let the eye penetrate. The men who live here have seen a secret: they are the last Hitler. Although in the city of 20,000 people, no one knows it.

The family changed its name in 1946, first to “Hiller” and then to something even more English. The fact remains, however, that Brian and Louis are the little dictatorship of the German dictator, as Adolf Hitler was the uncle of their father, William Patrick Hitler. Born in Britain, Willie emigrated to the United States in 1930 and, as a member of the US Navy, even fought against Nazi Germany. As Hitler, since their surname had not changed yet.

Although this “Hitler vs. Hitler” used demons from allied propaganda, after World War II, Willy became a ghost. He retired to Long Island with his German wife, wanting to save his children from the curse of the worst perhaps adjective of modern history. He was also afraid of their lives from the remaining Nazis, since Adolf was silent about his nephew by calling him “disgusting.”

Twenty years ago, British book David Gardner had revealed that Hitler’s family still existed, though the event remained rather in the sphere of the imaginary. When the reporters, as the New York Times reporters did in 2006, the brothers never opened their mouths.

When the “Bild” journalist, Timo Lokoschat, recently approached them, the two siblings did everything else: they closed the door and returned to the house.

Lokoschat insisted, however, and went to find the third and older brother Alexander, who lives 45 minutes away, also on Long Island. The journalist persuaded him to speak to him, simply asking him about the politics of modern Germany, despite the cold reception: “We never talk to journalists. You went to my brothers today, right? ”

The 68-year-old, whose second name is Adolf, agreed to answer a few questions there in the front door, with the coffee in hand. For Merkel, let’s say, “I like it. She is good. He seems to be a smart and witty man. ” Adding that if he could, he would vote.

As for American politics, he remains a hot Republican, like his siblings, having never lost his election. “I always vote for the person who does the best job”.

And when the very brief interview brought the name of the American president to the lips: “The last person I would say I admire is Donald Trump. It is no doubt my loved ones … It is the way that he does what he does that exasperates me. And I also do not appreciate the liars … “