The secret desire of Michael Jackson

“As he spoke, his hat fell into the guacamole in front of him and took it and put it back – unfortunately, with a quantity of guacamole sticking and sliding beneath the cornice. Ron Meyer snapped my foot to grab my attention on it, and we all watched with terrible interest as he slid down and down while Michael was trying to convince us he was the next hero of America’s action.

Then the track fell and Ron lost it completely. And I burst out laughing as well. Michael stepped out. ” Ovitz had to run behind his Thriller singer to check the damage he had done, so Jackson told him what that role was in his mind, according to Page Six.

“I went and found him and told him for fifteen minutes that we were not laughing about him, but about the incident … Eventually, Michael’s face cleared. “All right, Deget. Okay, “he said. “But I want to play James Bond.” I proudly report that I did not laugh, that time, “he wrote.

The agent informed Jackson that he may not be the right one for the role, saying: “You have a weak body, you are very sensitive, you will not be trustworthy as a boulder. Of course, you will be great in this role, but it would be bad for you. ”

Jackson may never have played Bond, but that did not keep him away from the big screen. In addition to his most famous role in The Wiz in 1978, the singer also starred in “Moonwalker” and made cameo in “Men In Black 2”. Device founded the Creative Artists Agency in 1975 with his partner Ron Meyer from William Morris Agents.