The riddle of 49ers’ Kaepernick solved by Green Bay Packers


Things were so bad for the San Francisco 49ers that even a strong defensive effort  to counter the Green Bay Packers could not bore any fruits. The Packers carried their unbeaten record to San Francisco and won, 17-3.

In Levi’s Stadium, the crowd dramatically reduced in the 2nd half as memories of amazing victory in Week 1 against Minnesota faded continuously.

Having lost three successive games, the 49ers can only blame Quarter Colin Kaepernick who threw four interceptions last week that were returned for touchdowns.  This week he failed to get the team moving. It was the 3rd time in four games that he was unsuccessful in breaking 200 yards passing, and he got sacked six times.

“ Now in order to fix things we must go back to work,”  said Kaepernick after unsatisfactory performance. “ We should find our rhythm.”

Among the 49ers fans, there was hope that  a game against the Packers could rejuvenate the young passer. In previous games, Kaepernick had performed well, rushing for more than 100 yards and throwing more than 400 yards. This time Don Capers, defensive coordinator of Green Bay, finally figured out how to stop him.

The loss will brings speculation if the team might look for another solution at quarterback. The team will have to consider if they will have to part ways with Kaepernick after this season. Nevertheless, it reasonable for to one to wonder if Tonsula would bench the player who had  previously brought victory to the team.

Tonsula has not given any signs that change is imminent. He told reporters that “ Collins is our quarterback.” While at post-game news conference, he defended Kaepernick, and said “ I won’t even discuss him. That has not crossed my mind.”

After the game, Tomsula insisted that his team was not going to give up.

“ Do not go around these things,” he told reporters. “Go through them. Lock you jaw and move forward.”