The revenge of Bella Hadid at Met Gala

It was undoubtedly one of Met Gala’s most explosive appearances. Bela Hadid knows the game of impressing. With a highly sexy catsuit – hand-made Alexander Wang – who did not leave much to the imagination, she appeared on the red carpet making the flashlights mislead.

The designer stated for his creation: “It was amazing for me to design a bodysuit for the Met Gala.” In the creations we saw in the autumn 2017 catwalks, the goth and glam combination was a prominent place. Bella Hadid’s clothing combined these two styles and hugged her amazing body like a glove. “I love the sexy look, I knew Alex would create it for me.

When I saw the design, it was exactly what I had described and what we had envisioned. ” A little farther from Bela Hadid, her ex-companion Weekend and Selena Gomez lived their love in front of the camera lens. In January 2017, Bella Haddid deleted Selene Gomez from her online life when she saw her and her ex- Weekend shortly after their separation. A few months later, the model decided to erase the rapper by pointing out that something else was still “painful” (it is worth noting that he and Selena Gomez had deleted her from their friends list since March).

In February, Bella Hadid had told Teen Vogue about her … friendship with the rapper after separation: “I will respect him and I will always love him. Sometimes you may feel sad or want to handle it differently, but at the end of the day, you do not want to break the bridge you struggled so hard to build.