The Moment Trump Got HIV

Just enough with these lame Trump jokes, already. Sheesh, we get it you don’t like the guy!

Oh. Wait. We take that back. When Sasha Baron Cohen cracks a joke, we shut it, we listen, we crack up laughing!


In his latest film The Brothers Grimsby, Sasha Baron Cohen ended with a hilarious twist to his credits; he decided that Trump would contract HIV in this movie. This outrageous joke was met with huge applause from European viewers, as well as a great number of positive reviews from people, including Celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

However, according to sources, Sony was pushing to have the scene removed from the movie completely; however, since Sasha has the final cut, he simply would not remove it. Sony has previously got the bad end of the stick due to approving movies that targeted prominent political figures. For instance, rumor has it that the hacking and leaking of studio emails that happened was due to their recent work on The Interview, which targeted Kim Jung Un.

Oh, well. Tough luck with this one, Sony, because it’s not going away! Internet trolls will be milking this joke for all it’s worth!