The girl who was bullied for years for the huge tumor in her face, found the true love

When you are young you have many possibilities. Young people love adventure, but they dream in the day when they will find true love. But for those who are overwhelmed by debilitating illness, love can be a challenge.

Sophie Walker from Norfolk, UK, suffers from neurofibroma in her entire life. Her condition is incurable and she remembers the days she thought she would spend her life alone.
“My boyfriends kept secrets and were uncomfortable when they wre going out with me. But now I found someone who makes me feel beautiful and loves me for what I am, “she said.

Sophie and her boyfriend, Christian Dibden, have been together for the last five months. They knew each other from school, but they had lost contacts for a while and started dating from last September. An day out was enough to fall in love.

“We said we had to stay friends but there was a lot of flirting and I realized I felt something more,” Sophie said to Daily Mail. “So the next time we met, we gave our first kiss. At that time, I really liked it, but I did not want to reveal my feelings because of what I had gone through in the past. ”

It did not take them long to officially start their relationship and today they spend the whole day together. Sophie also told her parents that she loves Christian. “He is proud to be with me and I am glad to have found love in a special person,” she added.

Sophie inherited her condition from her mother. Neurofibromatosis affects one in 3,000 people. Her mother has soft lumps in her body and her brother has this condition in its milder form, but Sophie’s condition is more rare.

“The tumor of my face is a benign tumor, which has grown steadily since I was born. People always asked why I did not remove it, but because it is linked to nerve endings, its removal would paralyze my face, “she explained.
Sophie had gone through many painful relationships before finding Chris. Men went with her only to take pictures and upload them to Facebook to make fun of her. “Some of them put a £ 50 bet on who will kiss me,” she said.

She has already undergone several corrective surgical procedures and should be submitted to others in the future, but she does not put it down. “I’m excited to be with Chris and look forward to completing my studies and going back to Norfolk.”

“With the support of my loved ones, I finally found the strength to be myself. And that makes me feel beautiful, “she said.