The founder of CNN has revealed that he suffers from dementia

American TV billionaire Ted Turner, founder of CNN’s television network, has revealed he suffers from dementia with Lewy bodies, a neurodegenerative disease, in an interview to be screened tomorrow. According to the RES, during the interview, which will be screened by the CBS television network, 79-year-old Ted Turner has difficulty remembering what his illness is called.

“This is a lighter situation than Alzheimer’s. (The two diseases) resemble, but it is less serious, Alzheimer is fatal, “he explained, according to extracts published before the interview.

“Thank God I do not have this. But .. I can not remember the name. ”

Dementia with Lewy bodies affects 1.5 million Americans. Actor Robin Williams suffered from this disease. Its main symptoms are fatigue and memory loss, Ted Turner explained in the interview he gave.

Former actor of the actor Jane Fonda, Ted Turner founded in 1980 CNN, the first streaming news network, a revolution in the media world.