She had terrible pain on her eye. What had happened shocked her

It all began when the 24-year-old former animal nutritionist and current model, Catt Gallinger, decided to make a pioneering tattoo in her eye.  Not around the eye, but within it. The model from Canada, a few days after realizing her desire, began to observe that purple ink flowed from her eye.

After visiting the hospital and giving her antibiotics, the situation instead of getting better was dramatically got worse, as her eye swelled to a degree that it completely closed. Neither steroid therapy could help, as her vision was completely lost as the purple pigment spread to the iris, possibly due to infection by the tools and the way they were used, forcing her to contact a surgeon to repair the damage.

The 24-year-old has shared her near-catastrophic  experience on social media, getting attention to other users with similar incidents. As she says, those wishing to make such a change in their characteristics should be as well informed as possible about the person and the protective measures taken by the tattoo artist, and about the possible effects it may have this surgery.

As for her subsequent course and impact on her life, Catt Gallinger points to the costly and painful healing she will follow, while her career in modeling is on hold.