Teenagers saw someone drowning and did nothing about it

A video that has been viral has recently seen the light of publicity. A man shouts for help as he tries to swim and stay above the water in a lake in Florida.

The same video records the voices of five teenagers who just follow the tragic incident from a distance, which they even find funny. “It’s raining, what the hell …” says one laughing, and when the man is lost under the water he sounds: “Oh, he just died.”

The body of 32-year-old Jamel Dunn, father of two children, was spotted on the water three days later on July 12. Until that time, no one knew where he was. No one had called the police or an ambulance to report that a person is at risk. Nobody even knew that someone was an eyewitness to the tragic incident, until the video saw the light of publicity and the family of the unhappy man’s saw it.

Its contents shook the inhabitants of the city of Cocoa on the coast of Florida. However, teenagers aged 14 to 16 are not expected to face justice, as according to prosecutors there is no provision for such cases.

According to the BBC, most US states do not provide for a “rescue obligation” for their citizens. But ten of them have a relative prediction. But these do not cover all cases. In fact, few countries in the world have a law that provides people to help someone who is in danger, otherwise they may face the risk of imprisonment. Among them are Germany, where four people are accused at the moment because they “failed to offer help”.