Technology is being developed by which smartphones will monitor the health of their owners

As it became known, the US Army Advanced Defense Research Program (DARPA) is funding the development of a new medical surveillance technology through mobile phones.

DARPA has provided $ 5 million to Kryptowire to develop a software that will collect and analyze data from cameras and various mobile phone sensors (e.g., pacemakers, light sensors, fingerprint sensors, etc.). This system is developed to monitor the state of the soldiers’ health when they are in missions or battlefields via mobile phones.

The system will continuously perform various kinds of medical measurements and will also search for biomarkers to detect the presence of a condition before the first symptoms appear. Of course, such technologies usually do not remain locked in the military facilities for a long time and quickly find their way into the market. So if this system develops sooner or later it will also turn into a popular … app.

Experts note, however, that the operation of such an application on our mobile phones, besides its positive aspects, also hides risks. If someone in any way (friend or relative, hacker, thief) accesses the phone of a user of this application, he will automatically have access to his or her medical data.