Teachers are forcing a 6-year-old boy to eat on his own with a cardboard in front of him to punish him

Since the photo of a child who was punished at school because he was late was posted on social media, the Oregon community was united to do something amazing so he would never be delayed again! One morning, 6-year-old Hunter Cmelo panicked after being late to go to school.

“I’ll be late. They will punish me at lunch time, “said Hunter to his mother, Nicole Garloff, according to KFOR-TV. “Mom, we have to rush.”
“The school has a policy where in the 3 times that a child will go late he gets a punishment,” Garloff told ABC News.

Fearful of the punishment, Hunter, a first-class student at Lincoln Primary School, was crying when he entered school that morning. That’s why Garloff decided to check him out during lunch. To her disappointment, Garloff found Hunter sitting alone and crying. “He was at the first table as you walk into the restaurant and just sat there with one of those cardboard partitions in front of him … and two or three books next to him,” Garloff said.

Garloff was upset and took a photo of Hunter with her cell phone. Hunter’s grandmother, Laura Hoover, then published the photo showing her grandson’spunishment on Facebook.

“This is my grandson, Hunter. He is a rookie. His mom’s car sometimes does not start easily. Sometimes the child gets late for a few minutes to go to school. Yesterday, he was 1 minute late and what his mom found out was that they had punished him! They did this six times for something that its not child’s fault! And they rebuked him in front of the other children! The principle is responsible for this. His mom found him crying and took him home. Can someone help me get in touch with the principle and tell her how inappropriate this behavior is? ”

And she continues: “This issue has been resolved. The cardboard piece will no longer be used for any punishment of any kind. Thank you all for your support. ”

Hunter’s delay was not his fault – his mother’s car often has problems, and that day did not start. His mother also has osteoporosis. “I have a lot of pain and it’s really hard for me to get up in the morning,” Garloff said. “He was not late enough to deserve this punishment.”

In her post, Hoover explained: “Yesterday, he was late for just 1 minute and what his mother discovered was that he was punished! They did this 6 times for something that can not control the baby, “she wrote. The photo soon became viral and caused anger on the internet.

A radio producer, Bill Meyer, heard about the story and contacted Lisa McClease Kelly, who owns Kelly’s Automotive, to fix Garloff’s car. However, it turned out that repairs would cost more than the value of the car. So, a local company, Rapid Repo and Collections, donated the family a new mini-van. When McClease Kelly handed the mini-van to Hunter’s father, Mark Cmelo, hewas speechless.

“We are so grateful to all the people in our community who supported us,” Garloff said. Thanks to this amazing effort of the community, the punishment of the cardboard wall became past and Hunter had never been late again, since the family now has a new car and the student goes to school on time!