People who love tattoos ignore side effects of tattoo ink

A recent survey that was conducted shows that many people that had tattoos had developed itching or swelling after a couple of months after getting the tattoo or in some cases, even years later.

300 randomly selected candidates were interviewed in New York City’s Central Park. Researchers found out that 4% of people reported receiving a rash in the first couple of hours after getting tattooed while 6% reported severe itching and scaling that lasted a minimum of a couple of months. This study was later published in Contact Dermatitis.

Co-author of the study, Dr. Marie Leger, who is a dermatologist and assistant professor at NYU, states that she had been surprised by the results. She also reported many cases where patients would have similar skin problems after receiving tattoo ink under their skin, she just wasn’t aware of how common this had occurred.

She also states above how bad the tattoo can get and that the tattoo ink can rise about 1 cm above the skin and make the skin look damaged while deforming the tattoo at the same time.

Leger believes that such severe skin cases are due to an allergic reaction that is caused by the tattoo ink. Almost two-thirds of the group reported having allergies while the other one-third didn’t show such reactions to the tattoo ink.

Leger’s study was conducted in two different parts of Central Park and their targets were tattooed individuals that were over the age of 18 and could speak English. They gathered 149 men and 151 women to participate in the study. They gave details about their tattoos and if they had any skin complications caused by the tattoo ink. Many of the people that participated reported to have severe itching, scaling, and skin rising filled with liquid.

Between all the different colors of tattoo ink, red ink was linked to rashes the most.

Mike Martin, president of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, wasn’t surprised by the reports. He; in fact, added that some people do not like red pigments. He said that the rashes are normal and appear during the tattoo healing process and that the rash goes away when all of the red pigments have been pushed by the skin.

Dr. Amy Crawford-Faucher, a clinical assistant professor from the University of Pittsburg Medical Center, believes that people should be aware that tattoo ink can be severe to their skin. She also isn’t astonished that 1 out 10 people with tattoos will develop a skin problem.