Swimming may cause health problems

Swimming and water sports can be entertaining but they also pose health risks, increasing the potential for ear and digestive tract infections, as well as other conditions, according to a new international study.

The researchers, led by Dr. If Londoner of the Medical School of the Exeter University of Great Britain, who published the journal International Journal of Epidemiology, according to BBC and Telegraph, they evaluated (post-analysis) data from 19 surveys in different countries (USA, Australia , Britain, Denmark, Norway, etc.), covering a total of more than 120,000 people.

It was found that swimmers are 86% more likely to have any health problem than those who do not swim at all or do not do water sports. In particular, they are 77% more likely to experience ear pain mainly due to an infection, 29% greater risk for gastrointestinal disease and 44% for diarrhea.

“In high-income countries, there is a perception that there is little health risk when one spends a lot of time at sea. However, our study shows that in fact, staying for hours at sea increases the likelihood of diseases, mainly of the ears and the digestive system, e.g. stomach pains and diarrhea, “said Leonard.

Researchers believe that marine pollution is “a major contributing factor to this,” which continues to be an issue affecting swimmers in some of the richest countries in the world.

“We do not want to prevent people from going to the sea, which has many health benefits such as improving physical fitness, mental well-being and contact with nature. But it is important that people are also aware of the dangers, so that they can make the right decisions, “said researcher Dr. Will Gage.

Most people will be doing well without medical treatment, but sometimes the problem of the sea may prove to be more serious, especially for vulnerable people such as the elderly, chronically ill and young children. That’s why the researchers emphasized the importance it has, to be clear the waters where one swims.