Survival capsule promises to save us from hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes

An aircraft engineer from London University in Great Britain manufactures safety capsules that, he says, can protect us from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. The capsules have oxygen and water tanks, large food storage for up to five days, GPS for satellite tracking and internal lighting.

Airtight doors guarantee insulation from any external disaster, and their structure is durable even in a drop of 60 meters. Julian Sharp works at this time in a small company specializing in aircraft resistance. He claims to have the know-how to build such “protection balls” against serious disasters.

In the past, he had also worked at Boeing, the European Space Agency and Ogusta, a helicopter manufacturer. The capsules are painted in bright colors that are not found in nature, so they can easily be distinguished by the naked eye from air.

The two-seated capsule costs about $ 14,000 while the four-seater that runs a whole family starts at $ 20,000.