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The surprising health benefits of eating chocolate according to science

As easter is approaching, the feeling of wanting to eat chocolate seems to raise more and more. Even though chocolate is not considered a very healthy source of food and pleasure of flavor when it comes to weight and going to the dentist.

However, eating chocolate in moderate quantities dark, cocoa-rich chocolate could have a number of surprising health benefits.

1) Chocolate consumption and cognitive decline

Findings suggest that chocolate intake is associated with a lower risk of cognitive decline. However, this protective effect was observed only among subjects with an average daily consumption of caffeine lower than 75 mg.

2) Dark chocolate could help boost athletic performance

Although this is a small study performed over a short period, it provides a first indication that dark chocolate can enhance athletic performances.

3) Chocolate consumption is associated with a lower risk of heart attack

Although the study does not differentiate between the types of chocolate consumed and is not very precise when it comes to measuring the quantities of chocolate that people eat, the large number of participants included makes these findings quite robust.