Surprise statement by Trump for Kim Jong-Un

Donald Trump is ready to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un ‘if the conditions are fullfiled’, as the US president said today, as the tension with Pyongyang has escalated. “If the conditions were fullfiled to meet him, I would do it, absolutely. It would be my honor to do it, “he said in an interview at¬†Bloomberg.

The climate has deteriorated particularly in the Korean peninsula in recent months due to Pyongyang’s continued banned programs, nuclear and ballistic.

The Republican president, who expressed his willingness to rely on the Chinese agent to rule out the North Korean nuclear threat and said he was ready to settle the problem alone, would consider a face to face meeting with the North Korean leader, he has never met any foreign leader since taking up his duties.

“Most politicians would never say that, but I tell you that if the conditions were fulfilled, I would meet him. It would be my honor to do it,” Trump added in his interview with Bloomberg agency.

Hours later, Spencer’s spokesman tried to downplay the significance of these statements, insisting on the fact that such a meeting is not “clearly” examined at the moment. “Their provocative behavior should change immediately,” he said.

The White House has announced it does not see a meeting of President Trump with the North Korean leader “soon”. North Korea has warned today that it is ready to carry out at any time a sixth nuclear test.