Humans: Planet Earth’s Most Wasteful Predator

With current fishing trends, humans will destroy the Earth’s fish populations. If we want to keep having fish in the future, a new study suggests that we need to dial back on how much fish we need, according to a new study.

Though, for some, the solution seems counterintuitive: harvesting younger and smaller fish. This kind of fishing will give larger adult fish the chance to procreate more often. Doing so also adjusts human quotas to the level of those naturally taken by nonhuman predators.

Because of our advances, humans are a “super predator,” according to researchers. Thanks to our technological advances and large population, the risk involved in hunting on land or in the ocean is now at an all-time low. Also, this has given humans the ability to hunt adult animals at above regular rates compared to non-human hunters.

The constant death of adults in animal populations in their reproductive stages is extremely destructive for an animal population’s survival. Also, if these said adults are top-level predators, their loss can change the balance of an ecosystem in a dangerous way.

Perhaps we need to become more aware of how we act, as said in the Spiderman movies: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”