Super electric car charger

The automotive industries may have put in their production process and models of electric vehicles of all kinds (small, family, sports, luxury even trucks) but the big problem with the use of electric vehicles remains their autonomy.

There has yet to be developed in any country an integrated network of charging units for electric vehicles. Several countries are trying to place as many charging stations as possible in both urban and highways but there is still some time left for electric car owners to be sure they can start a journey and travel anywhere without risking run out of … electric fuels.

A second problem is the charging time. The first charging systems for electric cars took a long time to fill up the vehicle’s batteries. In recent years, there has been a significant development in this area as new systems are being developed that are increasingly charging electric cars.

The Swedish company ABB claims to have built the fastest charging system currently in place. The Terra High Power DC, as called this 350 kilowatts power system, can, according to its manufacturers, give approximately 200 km of autonomy to an electric car with a charge of eight minutes. The company has already installed around 6.5 thousand of such systems in 60 countries.