Suicide awareness week this September

Suicide is the 10th paramount genesis of death in the nation. According to the data provided by the Centers for Disease Control, 41, 149 suicidal cases were reported in the United States in the year 2013.

National Suicide Prevention Week is being observed from September 7 to 13, in which the mortals and organizations across the country are elevating perception about this currently highlighted issue.

17 Fort Hood soldiers took their own lives in the year 2014, making this issue a private matter for several in the community.

Sharon Sutton, a suicide prevention program manager at Fort Hood, said that this coronation is holding a chance to enlighten on mental health issues that often lead to commitment of suicide.

In the acceptance of Suicide Prevention Month, Maj. Gen. John Uberti, III Corps deputy commander, inscribed a decree announcing the installation’s ongoing deeds to minimize suicides and increase education regarding this matter.

As said by Sutton, “We have to ensure that we have a force that is ready to meet its mission at any given time”. He further added that a single case of suicide can influence the readiness of the team and its nearby community. Here, the aim is to educate as many individuals as possible about the warning signs and the possible risk factors related to suicide.

The VA hospital in Temple, on the 16th of this month, shall own and manage a presentation, which shall be prepared by Craig Miller, who is an author and a survivor of suicide attempt. On the 25th of Spetember, the same organization shall hold the third annual Suicide Stand Down event, with the aim of acknowledging the staff, community members and veterans regarding healthy skills of lifestyle and management measures in cases of exigency.

Spokeswoman for the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System in Temple, Deborah Meyer, states that statistics reveal that as a result of suicide, 22 veterans die every day.