Sugar addiction is bad for your health and you should stop

The test for potential sugar fixation is straightforward: if you think you may be dependent on sugar, it is certain to expect that you are.

What’s more, regardless of the possibility that you’re not exactly there yet, the earlier you halt your sugar propensity from the beginning, the better it will be for your present and future wellbeing. Some contrast sugar habit with medication fixation, and keeping in mind that this may appear like a misrepresentation to the individuals who have no issue with sugar, there is trial prove that backs this statement.

Ideally, no one should consume more than 10% of their daily calories in the form of refined sugar (even less is preferable). But incredibly, millions of Americans ingest two-to-three times this much, and will often continue to do so for many years.

Continuous over-consumption of sugar and foods that contain a lot of it, fueled by the cravings and compulsions of addiction, is a health bomb that will eventually explode, leading to biological havoc that drastically lessens quality of life and shortens lifespans.

Sugar kills softly and slowly, but in a time-delayed form.