A stray cat is the main suspect for an attempted murder of an elderly woman

A stray cat is said to be the main suspect for the attempted murder of a woman in Japan, according to police investigations so far.

The daughter of an elderly woman who had been prostrated found her mother with unbearable bleeding, having nearly 20 cuts on her face, the local RKK newspaper reported. The daughter called the police, which started a research for an attempted murder when they saw serious injuries. “When we found her, the blood covered almost everything above her jaw.

Her face was drenched in blood. I have no idea what might have happened, “said Mayuko Matsumoto the daughter of the 82-year-old and unable to speak
Despite the severity of the injuries, the authorities have been unable to find any evidence to suggest that someone had entered the apartment or how another person was present at the time of the assassination attempt. Then, to their surprise, they found that the wounds looked very much like cat scratches.

According to the newspaper Nishinippon Shimbun, stray cats often walked outside the 82-year-old’s home. “The police are analyzing a sample of blood found in the nails of a cat, which may have attacked and scratched the victim,” the state NHK reported.

The French News Agency contacted the police spokesman on the case, who refused to comment, but noted that the authorities did not disagree and do not deny what the various media have so far transmitted.