The story behind the photo that shocked the planet

An Indian photographer captured with his camera a shocking moment.The mother of a small macaque family monkey (Macaca mulatta, rheus macaques) appears to hold her child in her arms, lamenting for it as she believed it had died.

As the photographer who captured the moment, the little animal had fainted and a few moments after the “click”, it managed to stand again on his feet. The incident took place in a wildlife park outside Jabalphur. The man behind the viral image is 31-year-old Avinash Lodhi.

“This little monkey fainted for about a minute, at that moment I found the opportunity to take the photo you see,” he says. “Everything was done very quickly, just after the little animal recovered, I usually go to the park to photograph birds and landscapes, it’s a small park that includes a wetland, and when I saw the incident, I started taking photos.”

The photographer tells us that since “ISO was too high due to low light, I kept only two frames, one that I deleted and the one which was the final.” Lodhi says that in his career, he has never seen anything similar to his eyes and feels lucky that he managed to catch it with his lens.

A truly rare and very powerful photographic moment that writes its own story.It is noted that monkey macaques grow up with their mother and often do not know or are unfamiliar with their father. Polygamy is a common phenomenon in Rhesus macaque societies. Female macaques often mate with multiple males at the same time, making it difficult to recognize the father of each child. Also, male macaques often change social groups and partners. Therefore, a child can grow up without having ever known a relative from his father’s