Steve Jobs is alive and hiding in Egypt. Shocking photo

Steve Jobs was captured in Cairo and has shocked the world. Steve Jobs died eight years ago from cancer.

The photo has no date and has triggered a worldwide alarm to see if it’s a montage, an older Steve Jobs photo, or just a classic phenomenon. As for Steve Jobs himself hiding in Egypt… there are a few who fanatically support it, using the stunning resemblance of photography as an argument.

It all started on Facebook. The photo was posted there for the first time. Readers who saw the photo were talking about… a terrifying resemblance. Indeed, the similarity is stunning.

Steve Jobs died in 2011 after a battle with pancreatic cancer he had known since 2004. It is not the first time that the script of directed death has been released in these eight years. In 2014 something similar was repeated, again with a photo released again by Reddit. Then they introduced him to Rio de Janeiro, Argentina.

All this, for the founder of a company that started from scratch and became the first in world history with an estimated value of one trillion. of dollars.