Stephen Hawking’s worst nightmare that shocked CERN’s scientists

“People have long been looking for answers to big questions. Where do we come from? Is there another intelligent life in the universe? What is inside a black hole? How do we survive on Earth? How can we colonize Space? What is the design, the deep meaning behind every thing? Is there anyone up there? “, Writes British astrophysicist Steven Hawking, summing up his book” Brief Answers to Big Questions “to be published tomorrow at the same time in USA, Britain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand

“I had an amazing life on this planet, while at the same time I was walking through my mind the whole universe and the laws of physics,” writes the late physicist. “I got to the end of the galaxy, I traveled to a black hole and turned back to the beginning of time. On Earth I saw turbulence and tranquility, success and pain. I was rich and poor, physically capable and incapable. I was congratulated and criticized, but I was never ignored. Thanks to my work, I had the privilege of contributing to the understanding of the universe. ”

“I hope one day to find answers to all of our questions. How will we be able to feed a growing world population? To provide him with drinking water, to produce renewable energy, to prevent and cure diseases, to slow down climate change? I hope that science and technology will give us the answers. We are all travelers of the time, we are moving towards the future, “writes Steven Hawking, saying optimistic about the future of the human race on this planet or on someone else.

“I spent my whole life traveling to the universe without ever leaving my mind. At some point I believed that I would live the end of Physics as we know it. Today, on the contrary, I believe that after my biological end, people will continue to enjoy the miracle of scientific discoveries. We are close to some of these answers. But we have not yet reached. ”

“One of the great revelations of the space age is the new perspective under which mankind learned to look at itself: when we observe Earth from Space, we see a single whole. We understand unity, not divisions. It is an image that in its vast simplicity transmits a very strong message: a unique planet, a single human race, “writes Hawking and shows the direction that man has to follow. “The future of humanity lies in the universe,” says the British physicist.

“I am sure that during the century we are going to discover ways to change not only intelligence but also instincts like aggression. Laws against the genetic modification of human beings will probably be passed.

However, according to Hawking, “as soon as superhumanists appear, there will be major problems with unmodified people who will not be able to compete. They will logically disappear at some point or their importance will be degraded. They will be replaced by beings who will constantly plan and improve themselves, at an ever-increasing pace, “the British physicist points out, warning of the possibility that mankind might once again slip into dark paths.