Stallone daughters in their most impressive photography

A spring-loaded photograph of Harper’s Bazaar for Sylvester Stallone’s daughters: 20-year-old Sofia, 18-year-old Sistine and 14-year-old Scarlet. Sistine is already making her first steps in the fashion industry by participating in fashion shows and signing a contract with IMG Models. Sophia and Scarlet are currently committed to their studies.

The three sisters joined forces and the result is just impressive. They became the central faces of the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar and spoke out revealing aspects of their lives. “When I was young I was taking my dad’s cell phone and looking for phones like famous people like Liam Hemsworth. I called him but never answered, “says Sistine

.With disarming honesty, they spoke, among other things, about acquainting themselves with Hollywood stars to whom they had always been weak. Sistine’s heart was “gathered” when he met Leonardo Di Caprio in the Golden Globes, Scarlett admitted that she “fainted a little” when she congratulated Ryan Gosling and so did Sophia when she met Ryan Reynolds.

As for their everyday beauty habits? Scarlet devotes 10 minutes to makeup using concealer and eye shadows and Sistine can work up to 2 hours with her face using makeup artists makeup techniques. Sylvester Stallone’s daughters impress at each of their public appearances.