Space X promises trips everywhere on planet earth in less than an hour

Space X’s general manager, Elon Musk, has recently revealed in his aeronautics conference his revolutionary plans for drastically curtailing space travel time. Along his plans for Mars and Moon travels, Musk plans to use the same innovative rocket to bring people to landing on Earth, telling us that any distance could be covered in less than an hour.

In fact, most trips will take half or even less time! SpaceX’s “super-rocket” will carry a passenger spacecraft in orbit around the earth, thus sharply reducing the flying times.
The vessel will then return to the Earth’s atmosphere and land at its own destination.

Even though the rocket and boat are still on a theoretical level, Musk has revealed that their construction will begin in 6-9 months. Even video was released to show us how the innovative system works …
From New York to Shanghai it will not take over 39 minutes, being the fastest journey ever seen by man.

The floating platforms are, in fact, the same way that Space X’s Falcon 5 rocket works, so they have the know-how to realize what they promise greatly. The trips promised by Elon include Hong Kong-Singapore in 22 minutes, London-Dubai (or New York) in 29 minutes and Los Angeles-Toronto in just 24 minutes, although many obstacles still have to be overcome.

Because despite the fact that Musk used the 16 Falcon 5 landings successfully, all of them were unmanned flights. The landing of a rocket with 200 human souls is clearly something totally different.