Her son went to college and stopped calling her. Then his mother uploaded this video to facebook and became viral

It is a huge leap, and we understand each parent in a difficult period like this. As parents, we are sure you want to call your children every day to see if they are all good in their lives. That is why we can understand how a mom felt from Pennsylvania. Ann Pinto McCarney has had difficulty reconciling with the fact that Liam’ her son was about to leave for college.

During the early weeks of the school, McCarney was disappointed that her son did not bother to call her. So, McCarney entered Facebook and published a video, which quickly became viral and now has millions of views! “I am your mother, I gave you birth. Basically, Cesarean I did but do you know how much this incision hurt?

Do you remember I gave you life? My hair is shorter now, but I have not changed, right? I just wanted to sharpen your memory, remember the first two years of your life? Do you remember a woman who had you to her feet and you did not want to go down? Do you remember that; I am this woman!

When you lie down in your student bed, you might think ‘hmmm who was feeding me in the first 18 years of my life?’ ‘I do not want to take pride in it but it was me! Breakfast, lunch, snack, remember? And your dad helped you, remember your dad? A tall, with black hair with a few gray hair, a funny guy, do you remember?

Together we went to your activities, karate, twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday. Do you remember a lady who took you to karate and you laughed, do you remember her? I was! The one who helped you get the black belt that was there on your 3-hour exam for getting it, do they remind you of something?

Are you wondering, 12 years ago when you went to school, who were the ones who signed your exams every year? We! Mom and Dad signed up! Does this help a little bit of your memory?

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