Her son died from leukemia. But the truth is shocking

This story is shocking and sad. A mother from Carson City, she was lying about the illness and death of her son. In June, Victoria Morrison launched a GoFundMe page for her 10-year-old son, who claimed he was very sick. According to the page, the boy had von Willebrand type 3 disease and leukemia.

Morrison called for any help people could give, said she was a mom with three other children and wanted to make sure her son could follow the medication he needed. The child’s teacher gave $ 200 donations. Except this amount Morrison received about $ 2,000 from donations of money and all because she was saying her lies very well.

The young boy received a charity helicopter trip and his illness was the focus of discussion in the area.On April 8, Morrison claimed on Facebook that her son had died and was cremated. Carson City’s Sheriff’s Office received a complaint saying that the boy was alive, and according to the police, he was also healthy.

After Morrison’s arrest, the police learned that the child had been diagnosed with a disease that it was treatable.
Morrison is detained with a $ 20,000 guarantee and faces charges of filing false statements and obtaining money with false intentions. All her children are under the protection of the authorities.